Crime Scene Unit


An existing building was renovated to house a Crime Scene Laboratory. The laboratory allows for climate controlled processing of vehicles and evidence gathered from crime scenes. Two trucks seized from local drug dealers were outfitted with Decatur County Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Unit Markings, along with blue emergency lights, radio systems, camper tops and interior locking vaults.

Other equipment was purchased to compliment the laboratory and mobile crime scene unit vehicles include specialized cameras and forensic lights. The primary purpose of the Crime Scene Unit includes basic processing, management and documentation, chemical detection of blood and body fluids and interpretation of blood spatter. Sheriff Wiley Griffin has designated two specially trained officers to manage the Crime Scene Unit, Investigator Julian Crowder


912 Spring Creek Road Bainbridge, Georgia 39817
Sheriff's Office: 229-248-3044 Fax: 229-248-3850 Jail: 229-248-3050