Victim Services


Your knowledge of a crime as a victim or witness is very important to the criminal justice system. No crime can be solved without the help of victims and witnesses. The Decatur County Sheriff’s Office Victim Services Unit is here to serve you.

   Contact Chief Deputy Wendell Cofer, Victim’s Advocate at 229-248-3044

The following services are confidential and free of charge to crime victims and witnesses.

  • Referral to appropriate law enforcement officer or investigator handling your case.
  • Information about the status of your court case.
  • Notice of court proceedings, including changes.
  • Information and explanations about the criminal justice proceedings.
  • Orientation to the courtroom setting.
  • Companion to attend court with you and provide emotional support.
  • Referrals to social service agencies, counselors, and others who can assist you with your problems.
  • Employer intervention to explain time missed from work due to court appearances.
  • Property recovery of stolen items that are being held as evidence.
  • Assistance if your are intimidated, harrassed, or afraid.
  • Crime Victim Compensation Program benefits are available for victims of violent crimes to cover certain expenses such as: Funeral Expenses, Medical Expenses, Counseling Expenses, Lost Wages, and Loss of Support (when requirements are met).
  • Referral to the District Attorney’s Office / Victim Assistance Office.

Stop Domestic Violence… It’s not O.K.!

  • Every 9 seconds a woman is beaten
  • Almost 90% of all children actually witness the violence in their home.
  • At least 3.5 million children are exposed to domestic violence each year.
  • Children are present in 50% of the homes when police intervention occurs.
  • One half of all batterers also abuse their children.
  • From 60% to 80% of batterers and victims grew up in violent homes
  • Child witnesses of domestic violence are: 50% more likely to abuse alcohol and/or drugs
  • Battered women are 8 times more likely to abuse their children while living with an abusive partner.
  • 63% of all American males age 11-20 in jail for homicide killed their mother’s batter
  • Children have the right to be children.
  • Children have the right to have feelings and to express them.
  • Children have the right to say no.
  • Children have the right to make certain choices.
  • Children have the right to be accepted for who they are.
  • Children have the right to a support system, including adults.
  • Children have the right to rewards and natural consequences.
  • Children have the right to be believed.
  • Children have the right not to worry about adult problems.
  • Children have the right to have fun.
  • Children have the right to ask for what they need.
  • Children have the right to privacy.
  • Children have the right to be respected.
  • Children have the right to be nurtured and cared for.
  • Children have the right to know their limits.
  • Children have the right to be protected from abuse and neglect
  • Children have the right to be protected from knowledge beyond their years.
  • Children have a right to be happy.

Important Phone Numbers and Links     

Halcyon Home for Battered Women, Inc.
+Thomasville, GA
Crisis/Support Line (24/7)  229-226-6666  or
Liberty House
+Albany, GA
Georgia Legal Aid  800-735-4271
Immigrations Lawyer or Assistance  800-735-4271
Decatur County Division of Family and Children Services
+505 S. Wheat Avenue Bainbridge, GA
Rape Crisis Hotline  800-656-4673
Open Arms, Inc.  229-431-1121

Other Important Links:
Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

912 Spring Creek Road Bainbridge, Georgia 39817
Sheriff's Office: 229-248-3044 Fax: 229-248-3850 Jail: 229-248-3050